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The red bin is back at Stayton

The red bin is back at Stayton Public Library and the sign is up: 

12 Days, 12,000 Books,  Reading For All Holiday Book Drive.

December 1-12


This is our second year of participating in this project.  Last year we collected 700 books and boxed them up to send off to Reading For All.  Then word came that because they collected over twice the goal of 12,000 books, we didn’t have to send the books off, but were asked to distribute them locally. 

We had some big opportunities to hand out free books over the last year.  We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in January by giving books to every child who walked in the door.  Free Books at Last! was a great celebration, we gave away over 300 books.  In June our Summer Reading Program kick-off party was huge, with a record number of kids signing up.  Reading For All brought more books to give away.  What a blast! 

Those days were great, we plan to do them again, but the small opportunities to put the right book in the right hands are just as important.  We had so many donated books that we were able to hand out books all year.  We gave books to kids who couldn’t check out, who helped clean up, who were having a bad day. Those books were all appreciated but three in particular were perfect gifts.

Bernie told me that she loved to read Shel Silverstein’s poems with her mom; she was eager for their holiday visit.  We found one of his books on the shelf and checked it out to her.  Her step-mom thanked me and quietly told me how special it was for Bernie to share that book with her mom.  We had a brand new copy of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” someone put in that red bin. I quietly slipped the book to Bernie’s step-mom.  Bernie always helps her step-mom with her baby sisters; she is definitely on Santa’s nice list.

Reading isn’t easy for everyone.  Some people have to try harder.  Grant was trying hard.  After finishing our Summer Reading Program he got to choose a free book.  He chose a copy of “The Boxcar Children”, a challenging read for him.  We also had the sequel, “Surprise Island”.   We told him to come back for it when he finished the first book.  He just picked it up a few weeks ago.  He’s a reader now. 

My favorite librarian painted this on the wall of her library:  The Right Time; the Right Reader, the Right Book.  She knew about those perfect moments to share books.  We look forward to another year of finding those perfect moments.  You can help.  Now is the right time; if you find the right book and put it in that bin, we will find the right reader.

The bins will be out at our library and at other drop sites (find them at www.Reading4All.com) through December 12th


Casle Portner

Youth Services

Stayton Public Library

515 N. 1st Ave

Stayton, OR