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Literacy Conference A Success

The Heart of Literacy Conference held at McKay High School on Saturday, February 26th was a huge success!  Over 500 parents, educators, caregivers and community members came together to learn how to best support their children and navigate through school.  Over 66 workshop sessions gave participants a wide variety of options to choose from.  Topics included: bullying, homework help, time and stress management and, the key focus, literacy!

This year's sponsors included the Marion County Children and Families Commission which supports Reading for All, the Salem Keizer School District, and the Salem Keizer Coalition for Equality. 

Tamra Goettsch, one of the organizers of the conference, said, "Literacy is one of the root causes of things affecting a community: it's linked to poverty; it's linked to unemployment; it's linked to just about everything.  You can't participate fully in a community, or life in general, if you struggle with literacy."