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SMART Reading Program
Accepting new school applications. Contact the office at 877-754-4965 or visiting the website www.getsmartoregon.org.

Family Night
Plan a Family Reading Night – read all about it here:

Literacy Day
Make one day a week “Literacy Day” at your school and read with kids before school or in the evenings.

PBS is Teaching Teachers
Calling all teachers: PreK – 12 educators can take classes through PBS TeacherLine! Check out PBS’s Reading and Langauge Arts course catalog to find classes.

Music can play a significant role in the lives of students. In the elementary years, it provides an organic way for children to experience the richness of language. And studies have shown that music education not only enhances reading skills, but also helps improve discipline and self-esteem.

Here are some ideas for harnessing the power of music in your literacy classroom: