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Reading to Learn Learning for Life

Reading Tips for Afterschool Programs

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Your Afterschool Program can help by:

  • Providing afterschool tutoring or mentoring programs.

  • Using college work-study students, seniors and AmeriCorp volunteers as tutors, mentors and role models for program participants.

  • Encouraging family members to get involved in teaching and learning reading skills and raising reading standards in their homes.

  • Encouraging students to go to the school library and the local library during non-school hours.

  • Providing quality books that reflect the interests and age ranges of children in your program and community.

  • Establishing formal links with nearby colleges, literacy groups, youth organizations, and businesses.

  • Developing a monthly program in which seniors discuss their oral histories with children.

  • Helping students write their own stories and produce them in book or dramatic form.

  • Holding an essay or speech contest among local children on the topic of how "Reading Has Made a Difference in My Life."

  • Offering other expanded educational opportunities, enrichment, and academic assistance classes.