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"Kinder readiness Training for Parents of Latino Children"

A Success Story: “Kinder Readiness Training for the Parents of Latino Children"

 On July 20th, was the closing ceremonies for a project that was recently funded by OCF through our Latino Partnership Project and the Marion County Reading for All Initiative.  The ceremony was hosted by FACES of America, a relatively new group that has sprung up here in the Northern Willamette Valley over the past two years. The evening was a culmination of a one month summer school program focused on reading and math recovery for 150 elementary school children lagging behind in these two critical areas. It also included a weeklong “Kinder Readiness Training" for the Parents of Latino children getting ready to enter the Salem/Keizer school system this coming Fall.

 The project was a collaboration between OCF Latino Partnership Project, Marion County Reading for All!, the Salem/Keizer School District, and Faces of America.

Parent training 07.2012. 5.JPG