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Reading is the key to success in life

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Reading is the key to success in life

Published by the Statesman Journal Feb. 2, 2013.

Reading –let’s face it – is a vital part of learning. When someone thinks of school, reading something – an article, a story, a book, a test question – either pops directly into the conscious mind or flits from the subconscious level, tickling the edges of the conscious train of thought. But why is reading so important? Is it because the better a reader a student is, the easier of a time that student has understanding directions for an assignment; the easier it will be for that student to complete the assigned work; or the easier it will be for that student to complete an essay in any subject area? Actually, those are only parts of why student success depends so hugely upon his or her success in reading.

Reading imparts on students a much richer vocabulary than just hearing spoken words can possibly provide. Rarely does a spoken conversation include a description of an angry individual becoming inflamed at a remark, rather than getting mad at what someone said. We as a society tend to ask questions, but reading helps us to inquire or compile a query instead. This vocabulary will take a younger student who proclaims while exasperated that someone ‘cutted’ them in line, along a tremendous path toward higher education and beyond academia into what is commonly termed the ‘real’ world.

The ability to read not only helps a student to do well in language arts classes, but all subjects, as well as allowing common tasks to become easier. It’s easier to sign up for wireless service when you know what you are signing, and cooking a special meal for the first time to impress that special someone is more likely to come out well if you can read the recipe properly, and  understand the importance of following the steps in order. Reading even helps us communicate in writing better by allowing us to know how words are spelled and how grammar works – whether we choose to use it in our texts or not.

More than all that, though, are the doors that reading opens our minds whenever we pick up a newspaper, a reference tome, or a storybook. Being able to read allows that reader the chance to open a book and learn something new, deal with an author trying to persuade, or a new world cropping up in front of that reader when a purely entertaining piece is opened.

Reading brings up questions that drive current and future scientists to find answers, chefs to invent new cooking techniques to make food healthy yet tasty, and shows readers what an amazing world we live in. The wonderful universe of reading is ever expanding as more and more possibilities show up on store shelves, both electronic and physical.

Educators have said for years how important reading is for student success – which is quite true. However, it is more than that. Reading is important for Life success. The more you know, the smarter you grow – so pick something up and read!

Carolyn Pitt is an active member of Epsilon Chapter, Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Organization for Women Educators.  She can be contact at mommapitt@comcast.net