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Rep. Komp and RFA visited Willamette Family Medical Center

 Rep. Betty Komp at WFMC 2.21.2013.jpg
From left to right: Prashanthi Kaveti, Maria Sleeman, State Rep. Betty Komp,
Kathy Martell, Arturo Vargas, and Stephanie Wong.

On February 21, 2013, State Representative Betty Komp visited the WillametteFamily MedicalCenter to meet with early literacy advocators, Maria Sleeman from the Oregon Pediatric Society, Kathy Martell from Delta Kappa Gamma professional educators, Arturo Vargas Marion County Reading for All, and Prashanti Kaveti and Stephanie Wong from WillametteFamilyMedicalCenter.   

Representative Komp is a strong supporter on early education and one of the masterminds of the Oregon 40/40/20 plan. Oregon's goal is that by the year 2025, 100 percent of Oregonians will earn a high school diploma or its equivalent, 40 percent will earn a post-secondary credential, and 40 percent will obtain a bachelor's degree or higher

For more information about Oregon 40/40/20 educational plan and the Oregon Education Investment Board visit http://www.oregon.gov/gov/Pages/index.aspx

State Representative Betty Komp: http://bettykompfororegon.com/