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Marion County "Summer of Reading Proclamation"

The “Summer of Reading” presents the opportunity for parents, educators, policymakers, and the general public to recognize the importance of summer learning, and the role reading plays in summer learning.  Summer of Reading encourage every person in the county to engage in summer activities that enhance reading and learning skills for children and youth.  In addition, Summer of Reading ecourage everyone to visit the local public and community libraries in Marion County.

WHEREAS, Research shows that proficiency in reading by the end of third grade enables students to shift from learning to read to reading to learn, and to master the more complex subject matter they encounter in the fourth grade curriculum. Most students who fail to reach this critical milestone falter in the later grades and often drop out before earning a high school diploma.

WHEREAS, students lose ground academically when they are out of school for the summer. The problem is particularly acute among low-income students who lose an average of more than two months in reading achievement in the summer, which slows their progress toward third grade reading proficiency.

WHEREAS, the single most effective way to combat this summer learning loss is for children to read over the summer.


Cities that have signed the "Summer of Reading" Proclamation:

Marion County: Proclamation Approved

City of Jefferson: Proclamation Approved
City of Salem: Proclamation Approved
City of Stayton: Proclamation Approved
City of Keizer: Proclamation Approved
City of Mt. Angel: Proclamation Approved
City of Silverton: Proclamation Approved
City of Gervais: Pending
City of Aumsville: Proclamation Approved
City of Hubbard: Proclamation Approved
City of Lyons: Proclamation Approved
City of Scotts Mills: Proclamation Approved
City of Detroit: Proclamation Approved

If you don't see your city's proclamation posted here, ask your Mayor and City Council to sign the "Summer of Reading" Proclamation. Click here for a sample proclamation.

To find a library near you: Libraries in Marion County